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PSYCHIC READING: Complete Life Readings In Your Human Design (no scaled fees sorry)

  • Would you like to know who you are?
  • Your Past Lives?
  • Why you do the things you do?
  • Your assets?
  • What to look for in Planet alignment for making choices & what ones to use caution on?
  • What type of person you are and what type of category you would fall into?
  • What type of aura & coloring you would have?
  • What type of spirit guides, angels, animal guides, or assistant you may receive?
  • Your faults in what you can accept and make changes?
  • What makes you, you?
  • Your DNA structure connected to your Human Design?
  • What does this all do?
  • How to deal with things around you?
  • ...... And Much More....


A  PSYCHIC LIFE READING Your Human Connection & Design is additional type of reading done by Rose with her abilities in document form of information that is like your DNA print, it is what you are made of, your make-up and who you are. No reading is the same.

Life Readings; What makes you, you. Your DNA connection from childhood to adult, life choices, paths to take, keys to success;

  • Have you ever wondered why certain people come into your life or why you are drawn to certain people?
  • Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do?
  • Have you ever wondered are there others out there like you in your design?
  • Have you ever wondered why you know the things you do?
  • Have you ever wondered about your aura? Your Heart? Your Soul? Your Psychic Abilities?.... And So Much More....

Each is specifically design to your human body/DNA/Human Design, the way you were made and are today. With Rose's insights and visions she breaks down information that is channeled to her for your understanding. It is important for each one of us to know who we really are inside. Our good points that we can feel good about with self confidence and our bad points that we can learn to accept what makes us do this or act this way, in so doing makes us aware of it.

Rose goes far beyond anyone else with her psychic gifts and abilities to tell you who you are and to help you understand your self. This is done only by Dr. Rose and a special that includes her own psychic reading of you and your life. There are various Life Readings that Rose does and pricing that corresponds to them. This information is accurate and based on you like your DNA signature, your life from the time you were born to the present and your future.

Rose is not like your local psychic and her gifts are unparalleled, with her giving a tremendous amount of information with 98% accuracy rate. Rose is international helping individuals worldwide by phone, in person & live Skype Webcam sessions.

Rose Does Not do tarot cards, palm readings, spells or use props of any kinds. She is a true genuine gifted psychic with a credible established reputation of high integrity, ethics, honesty and high accuracy through years of hard work that establishing herself as the Top World Renowned Psychic Medium and Professional Consultant used Today worldwide. Rose has worked with Fortune 500 & 1000 companies & celebrities. She works with individuals worldwide keeping information as a Doctor & client confidentiality privilege. Rose does not share her information, sell it or talk about individual clients & works well behind the scenes as well using her gifts to make a difference. She does sign confidentiality contracts as well to help in the privacy of her clientele.  Angelic inspirations©®™ is international

LIFE readings go deeper and give you greater information than a 30 min or 60 min session with Rose would. In Rose's life reading she gives you a documented typed reading is already on paper and a great reference material to refer to time and time again. Rose adds additional information into the material provided that are her insights, channeled information, revelations and psychic visions giving you a tremendous amount of accurate information. Life readings take several days to 4-6 weeks to be completed and mailed to you. Accuracy is usually 100%.

Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your rave chart, also known as your Body graph. This is based on the science of Neutrinos, tiny particles that carry mass and information and which determine your unique imprinting like your DNA

Combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code, this offers you a profound insight into how you are designed to navigate the material world.



The Synthesis

The Human Design System is a synthesis of two streams of science, traditional and modern. The traditional Sciences: Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and most importantly, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes - these are the traditional elements in the synthesis that is Human Design

Keys to Success

Most people don’t pay attention to the things that are crucial to their success.  To succeed it’s so important to focus on things like:

  • clarifying your gifts and true desires
  • having a positive creative mindset
  • learning the graceful way to manifest your desired outcomes



 Complete Individual Life Reading Each Person (Complete Info on Life, Relationships, Soul's Purpose, Your Horoscope & More)

And More........




Life Readings can be in document form to be mailed, to you after it is placed on a CD, It can be download through Angelic Inspirations Website at no additional cost,  or emailed to you, but you must let us know which way you would like to receive your Life Reading/Human Design at the time of scheduling & what price package you want.

 We must have your exact Birth date, (exp Jan 23, 1942),Exact Time you were born, (such as 10:02am), the exact city, state & country you were born in (Queens, NY, USA). all of these factors are a must to give you a complete accurate chart reading.


Individual Psychic Life/Human Design Readings: (which are 3-6 weeks work and are paper documents and charts.) Your Human Connection & Design Complete Documents/Charts Life Reading: per person;  (No phone or in person readings but documents & charts based on your birth date, time of birth and that connect with Rose’s deep visionary insights gives you profound advantage in choices  and options to make your life and career decisions that are beneficial in reaching, manifesting  and maintaining your goals, and dreams.)

 Individual Psychic Life/Human Design Readings: (which are 3-6 weeks work and are documents and charts.) Your Human Connection & Design Complete Documents/Charts Life Reading: per person;  (Not phone or in person readings but documents & charts based on your birth date, time of birth and visions from Rose).  You must ask for this. In paper form and takes 3-6 weeks to process and mailed or email.  Pages of information including Charts, I'Ching, Human Design, Psychic Readings/Visions from Dr. Rose, Planetary Alignments and much more...specialized to each individual person. Plus an additional 1 hour phone or Skype webcam reading at no additional cost as a bonus.  This is a Gold Edition. Combination of various areas.


Plan 1- Complete Life Reading: Special Limited Time:  documents, charts, with explanations & how to read & understand  your life reading, visions of events past, present & future with an additional Free 30 min by phone reading  all for $1600

Normally regular Price $2800  with the additional phone consulting

Plan 2- General Life Reading: Documents, chart, visions of events past, present & future with explanations. $1200.00 no added 30 min reading by phone
You must ask for this area.

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 We do not give free readings or consulting sessions.  Please call 763-535-7982 for further information on your Life Reading & what we need from you. (Scaled Fees do not apply for this area) By Appointment. Central Standard Time Please Read Thoroughly)


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