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While other top well known psychics have made inaccurate predictions publically nationally & internationally, Rose has been right on with 100% accuracy! See why Rose is the top & #1

Example: A well known psychic claimed nationally Bin Lauden was dead 2 years ago. This psychic's predictions & accuracy has been known to be 57% accurate, but she claims an accuracy of 86%. She has made many in accurate predictions & has appeared on the Montel Williams show.

  •  Rose was working behind the scenes with National Home Land security predicting Bin Lauden was live, well & living openly in Pakistan, not far from the military.  Rose has over 50 years work with law enforcement. Proven Documented News Killing of Bin Lauden, Information given to FBI, and top individuals who can document this, & have heard Rose predict & talk about this over & over publically who can also confirm this. ( this is only one of many)

Example: 2 psychics, predicted Terrorist attacks on 9/11/11 for Washington & New York on National TV & You Tube Videos as well as on "The View" TV hosted show with Whoopi Goldberg, & Barbara Walters claims of working with the Pentagon.

  • Rose predicted on You Tube Live video that they would not strike at this time, Proven Documented National News. Rose works with The White House, FBI & National Homeland Security to name a few, all officially documented & has in public speaking addressed this very same information again with many top offices, & individuals who can confirm this.

These are just a few of the many Rose has been accurate on. Rose has individuals worldwide & in top office or executive positions including InfraGard & law enforcement that can also document & confirm her accuracy.


ROSE'S PREDICTIONS are all copyrighted,  with dated and documented. Many predictions have been sent officially to specific individuals or offices.

Rose has only listed a very few of her predictions here. You will find Rose's predictions 95-100% accurate. You will find that Rose has a very strong connection of psychic gifts.

What has come true will be marked with a X next to it. All are documented. X means 100% accuracy.


Rose's Predictions & Insights Like Jean Dixon, Of Celebrities, Presidents, Individuals, Professionals, and Businesses; Successes, Failures, Futures, & Events





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PREDICTIONS for 2011-2017

Message from Rose: "I share my insights and visions with all political parties, however I cannot force them to act correctly, listen  or to do the right thing. None of the political parties, congress, senate or the White House are listening to the information visions and insights of what is going on, where the country is headed, the economy, jobs, and the people that is being given to them and are doing their own thing and deliberately digging in and blocking each other. None of the information I have given them is being used and they are butting heads, and refusing to listen not only to my insights and visions but the American people as well.

I have been able to help in the past, but I refused to be held responsible and blamed for the actions of these individuals who have their own agendas, are deeply misguided, headed in the wrong direction and with their own free wills choose to ignore the country and  the plight of its people who put them in office. I pray that all of these people will wake up before it is too late. We have so much to be grateful for and to work together in unity that can move us all forward with everyone getting credit for their work. Please join me in prayer." Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD

I have listed some of the predictions here closer to the top, but there are others in categories or subject matter as well. These are visions I have had, but it doesn't have to happen or the lessening of the impact can be done that brings about major change and it all begins with all of mankind working in unity immediately worldwide, sharing the wealth, getting rid of the great divide, putting aside differences, anger, hate, jealousy, negativity and greed... Hope is not gone; WE CAN STILL make the miracle happen if we act immediately to take us into the Golden Years of Peace & Prosperity for all mankind.

  • 3/20002017: There will be various earthquakes across the world, from 2004-2017 each one causing more damage with after shocks that will be continuous. In 2014 a country with the letters Ch..... will have an earthquake that will be in the range of 8. something.

  •  Earth Quake that will be in the range of 8.5-9. Other earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, draughts, floods, snow, freezing temps and rains will continuously pound the US  and other countries, reaching areas that it normally would not normally effect. This is the effect of mankind's abuse of mother earth, atmosphere and many other abuses that includes positions, oil spills, depletion of natural resources within the earth that also will cause major sink holes opening up. This will all take toll on mankind because of mankind's greed, abuse, lack of respect and care of mother earth.

  • Further, visions show that this constant abuse will result in such major devastations in the US and worldwide.

  • X Talks & Attempts will be made by the UN and unity of worldwide countries as a effort to change these up coming events. (UN is currently doing talks and trying to unite countries stating global warming devastations.)

  • Success depends on immediate action worldwide to end the abuse to mother earth and the survival of mankind. That means all working together in unity from the rich and powerful to the individual in poverty. 

  • Plates on the Western Coast will cause great destruction that will cause a ripple effect and wave across the US as well as worldwide.

  • At the time of each event, more sightings of UFO's will be predominate. The ufo's are not the cause of these events, but mankind is.

  • With the unbalance of mother earth, this is also throwing off the Poles and axes of the earth. The earth responds with a cleansing in the form of events that coincide with major weather changes, storms, earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, freezing temps, draughts, rain, floods and so on. (Governments worldwide were notified of these visions back in 1992 with warnings given and continuously to this present time.)

Visions also show possibility of new technology dome like structures or energy shields built worldwide covering cities or power plants like nuclear.


4/20109 Terrorists will continue to attack various areas. Various countries such as Norway will have a taste of terrorism.

2/1999 X Terrorism will not occur in US in 2012 on the past dates of attacks but will NOT occur in 2012 more toward the summer or religious holidays that will coincide with the so called Apocalypse, but there will be much chatter to make it look like it. Most of this is psychological warfare and a means to keep those in charge looking in the wrong direction, while the plans are for something else. There will be possibly two more terrorists attracts. Terrorism will strike in Washington, NY to name a few of the areas and more so when we are least expecting it. It will not occur on the 9-11 anniversary dates because that is when it is expected.

X 2/1999- Terrorists attacks will be not just psychological warfare, but attaching the markets and economy through speculative means in the stock markets and wall street that connects with countries worldwide bringing all countries and their economy tumbling down from 2000-2013.

2/2008- The Beatles will  plan a reunion but not one of the way we think, possibly in connection to families of those that are departed and it will be taken place after July of 2011 and could be planned before 2013. Some of the proceeds will be used to assist charity.

X 3/44556- Because of the Politics as usual between the Republican party and Democratic party, the Tea Party will suddenly come out in front as the choice in candidates for office & causing major blockages, holding the country as hostages & succeeding unless the Republican and Democratic Parties can put their differences aside and start listening to the people and making changes that help the people and not just the rich or the big corporate America moving this country out of this depression. You will see the biggest turn over in history.

Legislature along with the rich will have a majority of millionaires who want to keep the country in the deepest depression and jobless in 2013 on.

3/44556-Sarah Palin may try to run for Presidency 2012. Her chances of winning are currently at 75%

X 4/55678 -Obama will be elected a second term for Presidency. The republican strategy for blocking President Obama will fail. People are tired of politics as usual and want all parties to work together to move us forward, change the economy and jobs for all.

5/6679 President Obama will continue to be blocked in his attempts as President in all endeavors from the Republican Party and the Tea Party.

5/6678The medical coverage for all will have many problems especially on the internet, and will be higher in cost then expected.

The country will be headed in the wrong direction 2008 on because politicians are not working together and forcing the country into its worst recession ever, catering to the top 1% and digging a bigger rift in the economy, jobs, and between those who have money, those who don't and are just getting by. The President will force projects through, republican and tea party will block every effort by the President Obama to restore the economy, jobs are anything. They want to make sure he gets credit for nothing that would help the American people, at the expense of the American people. There is a strong undermining and hatred in the legislature, major companies, individuals & political areas of President Obama.

This will be a great time for politicians reaching across the aisle and getting back in touch with the people/needs if they chose to move forward and not block. This will be a wake up call for all, but they will not and will continue to ignore the people's needs since it doesn't affect them personally, their job, their money or their way of living.

 X 5/34678b- Gas prices will rise and come close to $5.00 a gallon  and hovering in the $3.00+ range due to price gouging and greed. Pricing of oil, gas and such are being raised to fill those pockets at the expense of the public.

X 5/34678-Earth changes in the planet will still take place and at a more rapid pace;  more climate changes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, snow, tornadoes, earth plate changes and shifting as the earth with all the other planets come into alignment with the Milky way and after. Below normal winter temps and freezing sub zero temps in 2013-14 winter. Major storms, fires, flooding, earthquakes, draughts, tornadoes, and more will be in a major increase, rapid and more misplacement of people from their homes 2012-16 

X 5/34679- East Cost will be hit hard with Storms including snow & hurricane like rain storms in later part of 2012 which causes massive flooding and displacement of people, loss of businesses and homes.

5/34924-The star people/aliens have been here on earth since the beginning of time. When we have full understanding of the knowledge that has been given us and use it with wisdom, we will be in the presence of great spirituality.

5/37892- The earth is many special areas and connections that have been formed to help other beings to find their way on our planet Once the code is deciphered we will also have this knowledge and it is important to use it wisely and with understanding. There will be great strides once this ancient knowledge has been deciphered and used with wisdom and understanding, even the connection to the ancient alien designs, the stone placement and many others yet to discover

We all Still have not learned from history. "Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it"  We keep doing the oil and gas prices over and over again not to mention many of the others that are also feeding this recession and keeping the recession going.

Businesses will start expanding & hiring will be up in the job sector, support of economic recovery adding consumer confidence (if political parties can come together & stop blocking in politics as usual)




Future Predictions

  • 2/34489- Travel will no longer be done by cars, trains or buses as we know it.

  • 2/34490  - After the earth changes, the world will suddenly advance to the new era of like flying saucers like as transportation.

  • 2/34488 - There will be no more travel by cars, trains and automobiles, as we know it today because to the advancement in technology that will suddenly spring forth a tremendous wealth in the industry.

  • 2/34487 - Air transportation will also change from local stops since the individuals have their own transportation to long distance, around the world and out of this world type of trips.

  • 2/34489 - A new era of technological advancement and wealth will be brought forth.

  • In US and Minnesota, the power of electricity will turn more into the wind power and solar as an alternative means. Going green will be the new tech advancements.
  • 2/34489  -  All technology will suddenly advance to a high and new level beyond our wildest dreams, what was not thought possible will become the possible and a new way of life.
  • 2/34444 - There will be a change in the economic outlook, many will see in the beginning a wider separation between the rich and poor, suddenly everything will change as never before. The divide between the two will disappear, because of the advancements in technology, increases in jobs, and stabilization of the economy, which will not be during President Bushes term. 
  • 2/34468 - The alignment of plates, eruptions of underwater volcano's is due to depletion of the earths natural reserves, of taking out of the earth coal, gas, oil with out replacement in some form to replenish the earth and keep it whole. The depletion of the earth and lack of care such as rain forests among the oil, gas, and coal depletions are causing volatile activity in the earth's core....

  • 2/3468Prices of oil & gas will suddenly go down, then when the office of Presidency to the new President elect in 2017, prices will suddenly hit a new time high go back to the fee prices in previous years of $3., $3.50 on up to $5.00 or greater.

  • 2/3468 suggestions I have made in written form & I have a copy of such suggestions based on visions over the years of assisting US Presidents that I have worked with be used by each President, including in 2017 by the new President Elect Trump Cabinetry, which they will all claim credit for not admitting the vision suggestions came from me a psychic with over 55 years experience & credible established reputation & high accuracy of 98%-100%.

  • 2/3468 Many changes will take effect in 2017 brought on by election that are both good & bad, which is unfortunate.

  • 2/3468 It is important that during this period we do not loose our faith, and return to prayer & meditations asking for the God/Creator's help in staying in the light, in HIS light. I have personally experienced the God/Creator spirit and know that prayer as well as meditations are the only means to overcome the darkness of negativity, depression, anger & hatred.

  • 2/3468. Our planet will be experiencing many earth changes, storms, polar changes, equates, tsunamis, plate shifts, radical weather changes including rain & snow, drought, due not only to planetary shifts, but pollution and another planet red looking, coming close to our planet that comes usually every 3600 years. In visions, showing me this plant that I have sketch in my art work. Some lives will be lost.

  • 2/3468 Over the years of work with generations of US Presidents & Legislature, my visions & dream visions written in letters or posted on line in twitter or various networks will be used by US Presidents including the connection to Cuba, the medical care, helping those in need, growing food to help others, job training, solar & wind generated devices to help power the US grid, hackings, financially penalizing companies for taking their business jobs out of the country, instead of keeping them here in the states keeping jobs in the US. It is fine to expand a business but not at the cost of the American People and their families.

  • 2/3468 before and after the 2017 election, there will be a tremendous amount of fear, anger, hatred, depression & greed that will over come those who are and were suddenly awakened into the darkness of the negative energy spirits & beings who enjoy putting those in the light into darkness & chaos.

  • 2/34468We will see major earth shifts and changes that will be even stronger as we approach 2012 and the alignment of the planets with the milky way.

  • 6/778923 -There will be a new classification of planets though the best planets and solar systems will suddenly be found that will be beyond our wildest expectations. Currently we are thinking to small and not inter dimensional.

  • 6/778923 There are black ops on other planets, & we have the capability of many futuristic things already but is being kept hidden from the public.

  • 6/778923 In all the years of my work with US Presidency & government or Law Enforcement & FBI, I have never been paid for my visions & insights that have been used for over 55 years while they pay the Psychic Twin Sisters, from the Pentagon, being on TV talk shows such as the Wave, You Tube and such. Their psychic visions will be and have been inaccurate with very low accuracy, even though they are publically paid by the US government & publically interviewed for their so called "accurate" psychic abilities, which has been my work since the beginning of time... with them being given the credit & publicity for it. Which is in truth a big lie and publicity stunt. I have been by the media including CNN "the credible source." & it is with my visions & insights that have been used whether for personal interests or for the betterment of mankind.

  • 6/778923 - In Space & here on earth we will find worm holes that will be stable for travel. Advance colonies will be set up on various planets. This will be more so after the earth changes and aligning of the planets with the Milky way.

  • X Various countries including London, United States, to name a few will have sudden surprises of bombings, in suicide, backpacks, paper sacks etc. in various areas of transit. The idea is to continue the psychological warfare as well as their war and religious beliefs. Small bombings and single bombings will take place for a short duration before a major event takes place to throw the focus of the intended target. In this time period chemical warfare and destroying of any major transits, water, power and such will be the focus and test stages.

  • X America with its foundation of security and stability as well as belief of not being vulnerable will continue to spiral down hill even after the restoration from 9/11 attacks. America and its Americans must learn to deal with psychological effects as well as the actual reality that America will never be the same with individuals living in or coming to our country with out wanting to hurt us, bring their war, and beliefs to our door. America and other countries will have to get use to the new life that we can not ever go back and will for ever more have to be in alert status because of this threat that is like a cancer that must be surgically removed from those who truly believe in a democracy of free individuals as in U.S. founding father's beliefs.

  • X Earth Changes will continue to take place at a more rapid development.

  • X Storms of all kinds will continue at a rapid pace.

  • X Global Warming is taking place, periods of heat, and extreme cold weather changes.

  • X Land and Water changes. Some present land masses will succumb to water and some land masses that had succumb to water previously, will become land.

  • X Some polarization changes maybe taking place at this time

  • X Obama will be president with many obstacles and tough battle against the republican agenda.

  • X Obama will reach his hands out to all individuals and political parties

  • X Some individual will try to sabotage President Obama and the changes he is trying to make to save not only the earth, but the economy, and the world as well as uniting it.

  • Faith, belief and everyone coming together, working together in unity is the key factor.

  • X Some political party members of individuals will do everything they can to stop President Obama, and his administration in the new era of "Openness to the Public Policy"

  • Great changes will happen to move the world forward despite those who try to sabotage or undermined his work.

  • X Obama is a strong believer in his faith and family which will be his key strengths. Rumors will be started against him including that he is Muslim, instead he is Christian, a ploy to have America doubt him.

  • Obama universal health care bill will work for everyone if everyone and not a few are using it. That includes even top officials, President, Senate and Congress as well as all America. It must be made universally used by all with no exemptions in order to move our country forward. The future of mankind depends on all working and living in unity.

  • Obama has a key individual that will  advise him in the unlocking the new and great changes in the world for all.

  • X Ben Lauden will be found during the Obama presidency and will be killed. He is not living in tunnels, but a wealthy type home, living openly in the public toward the Pakistan area. As Reported on CNN & World News: May 2011/The 40-minute raid early Monday in Pakistan left Osama bin Laden dead, along with four others in the complex that sits on a mountainous region near the capital.  

  • X 2010 Predictions "Future Visions": Sarah Palin gets deal as Fox commentator/TV program which she will then use as a step up and will be running in the election 2012 for President. She is trying to change her image and hopes to attack more followers.


Past Predictions   (X Have come true)

  •  X In Minnesota, Arbor Lakes there will be a collapsing of new store development, people trapped and injured.

  • Energy will be the main focus that extends into renewable energy such as wind, sun, and even moon power.

  • Fuel such as gas and oil will become synthetically made, due to concerns of depletion of the earth's natural resources.

  • War will be a thing of the past to settle disputes. Gangs will no longer choose violence, but will choose competitive constructive means to release anger and settle disputes, such as public matches in boxing, karate, and various other means by law.

  •  X School will go back to basics of learning to help children. More help will be given to children so there are no children falling between cracks.

  • Schools will be required to teach courtesy basics, psychic development and understanding, as well as stress handling classes and anger classes. There will be more Psychologist and psychiatrists hired in the schools to deal with and help in the teaching and implementing of such classes.

  • Schools will be required to have dispute and anger matches supervised and the parting of the parties in good fellowship and acceptance of the out come.

  • Psychic understanding and development will become a main stable

  •  X American's will be focusing on how to make our country advanced in every way for everyone including medical coverage, technological advancements and much more.

  • America will suddenly be focusing on making our country, homes, towns, cities and states more livable, beautiful, with advancements in many areas, as well as preservation of historical sites.

  • Money will be changing world wide to a new technological use.

  • Warehouses, factories and Military bases will be remodeled to  look like and to be used for housing for all with modern ideas, technology, and such. There will be no condemned housing, or empty real estate just setting there. Every space will be used to provide for our people that include the homeless.

  • These new inventive ideas will take us forth on to the bridge crossing and into the 21st century instead of the steps back wards we have all taken of the last several years.

  • America has learned it needs new technology, transits, and such that are similar if not beyond what the Chinese use in their country.

  • Encouraging  a learning of such technologies, and hiring by American companies such individual will cause a positive energy force of expansion in the above predictions. Even small business will begin once again to expand with positive energy force.

  • The focus on our own country, advancing it, modernizing it, using every space available will bring forth new job expansion as well.

  • Bring forth business with no architectural ideas, technological advancement ideas, energy ideas, transit ideas, communication ideas, educational required coursed to defuse situations as well as laws that are enforceable will bring about our future.

  • Money will no longer be the driving force and gouging money will fade away. The focus will change from materialistic to prestigious position that help in the advancement of our country and society as a whole.

  • Other countries will follow America's lead and implement similar if not the same.

  • Atlantis Rising: In my predictions of Atlantis Rising which it is beginning to do so, needs clarification. When we talk about Atlantis rising, this is the rising of Atlantis from being unburied from the depth of the oceans, this is the finding of artifacts, roadways, and such that are still underwater, but at t debt that can be found through diving. Atlantis rising in the visions does not show it coming completely to the top like a land mass, but closer to the top of the water for discoveries to be made. Many individuals have taken my prediction and Edgar Cayce's prediction to mean it is to be totally dry land. Due to the current ocean activity it may cause an earlier rising or later rising depending on the force and location that the force from the earth's core is under pressure or changes.

  More Past Predictions

  • X US & London Terrorist Threats Liquid Bomb: Rose working with the governments predicted this up coming event visions started during the Clinton Administration time, to current.

  • X Increase in storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes draughts and tsunamis throughout the world causing huge masses of devastations and death. Water and Ocean changes, with shifts in the ocean floor will cause devastations across the US from California to NY. With these devastations caused by natural disasters, many lives will continue to be lost and the response and help will be in total chaos and confusion from the government.

  • From the increase in storms and ocean activity Atlantis will arise to some degree around the eastern coast toward Florida, extending further down. Expeditions and current under water expeditions will find Atlantis areas, roads, artifacts, and something new that has not ever been found or discovered will come to light.

  • X Increased congestion on highways, interstates, etc. Police & highway patrols will be placing cameras in remote locations. The system will change to camera ticketing and fines.
  • X 2006, Assisted Suicide for terminally ill patients will give the individual to die with dignity and without causing financial or other stress upon themselves and their loved ones. This must not be prevented due to the court rulings allowing individuals to end their suffering from pain, and any other burdens it causes the family or themselves. We have the power and right to prolong and save lives, but we must make a decision and show compassion and mercy in such cases. This will be the law and rule. To prolong a life of pain, and suffering will be ruled as "prevention of cruelty to human and human life". This decision will be based on the individual as well as families choice, but the individual having the final say as in a will or living will. This will also become part of the wills to prevent family members from squabbling over the right to live. The Law will be called "The right to die with dignity." It will be nation wide and world wide moving our world forward, showing we have moved beyond showing a deep love and compassion, not putting an individuals through this and allowing them the choice.
  • 052000a X Gas prices will continue to fluctuate up and down but will never go below $165 or could go as high as $2.75- $3.50 and a chance of raising still further up past. There will be an investigation into why the prices of gas are climbing without any apparent reason or lack of fuel. Using natural disasters & shutdowns as an excuse will lead to price gouging by the oil companies passed on to the stations and then the consumer.
  • 052000b X Pricing of gas will remain high because of elimination in prevention gas alternatives and devastations. The petroleum industry has control of the legislature and white house. This will prevent future expansion in alternative vehicles as well to keep the profits up for the petroleum companies.
  • X Breast Cancer and other forms of cancer will find a medical breakthrough on medication or medical research.
  • 052000c X Weather conditions will become the extreme norm with hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes, snow storms, mud slides, floods, and avalanches with large amounts of rain and snow fall being the normal thing for United States and across the world.
  • In 2009 I see more systems appearing in the fuel cell area powered  by cogeneration heat and fuel cell. Discussions of use of air space for car travel and development of flying cars.
  • X Airlines will have a tremendous financial problem.
  • X NASA will be raising funds for Travel in Space privatizing of space will occur do to problems with finances. Travel in Space will be providing rides to passengers in various ships just above the earth to see the global effect.
  • Colonization discussions of Moon and other planets will begin to take place.
  • X Medical field will expand in implanting devices, medical break troughs will be coming in many of the top research areas. 
  • Sex offenders, rapists, and harden criminals will have implanted a device that will be tracking device because of problems with checking in with the system.
  • Education will take a turn from beyond the schools and go directly to home on line classes, which will be come the future of our new world.
  • TV, radio and internet will all become one unit, with some being in home devises that are larger and others smaller in that they will be come hand held.  The cost in this technology will be within limits of the lower sector of income as well, because it will be come cheaper to make one unit in combinations that have everything then separate units that are more expensive to make.
  • X There will be more war protests, and the current war involvement will stretch out into another Viet Nam era of long time. Even though Iranian people many want peace and  democracy, they will have to continually fight in opposition to the extremists to obtain and keep it. Americans will become a backer with individuals and bases established in neutral areas as assurance to keep peace.( This was placed here the same time as the prediction of the Iraq war earlier, and further down this page.)
  • Closed down Military Bases will be used for commercial and government use to make the country more independent in the energy crisis. More attention will be brought in April to this problem, of needed expansion and independence of America. It is also important in the advancement we will see in further technological advancements in energy, cars, etc. as well as economically, and in job sector.
  • Health & Medical Areas, will have sudden break through, Aides, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancer, & Spinal Injuries to name a few in the ext few years starting with April 2005
  • X Around the Fall of 2004-2007 there will be changes in the earth polarizations as well as earth changes in oceans, seas, and land world wide. Storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, draught, heat, earth quakes, floods, avalanches, mud slides, etc. &  will have a tremendous affect on the earth because of pollution, as well as using up natural resources, and loss of the rain forests that all equalizes the earth. Many lives will be lost. Florida will have 4 hurricanes in the fall of 04 that will hit one after another. Chance of a least 2 more. There will be earthquakes in Asia that will rate one of the most powerful in this century, There will be tsunamis in Asia and India area affecting millions of individuals with I high count in loss of life.

  • As Reported On
  •  --X Monday, April 11, 2005 A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck Monday southeast of the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific, the U.S. Geological Survey said. There were no tsunami warnings, according to the Tsunami Warning Center. The quake, shortly after 1 p.m. ET, was centered about 180 miles (290 kilometers) from the closest island and about 1,000 miles (1,700 km) from Auckland, New Zealand, the USGS said
  • X Magnitude 8.7 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA March 28, 2005 ... Magnitude 6.7 SIMEULUE, INDONESIA February 26, 2005. Magnitude 6.4 CENTRAL ... Magnitude 6.5 SULAWESI, INDONESIA February 19, 2005 ...
  • X 2005 predicted visions for 2011: East & West coasts will be hammered by sever weather conditions. In the East coast, I see high severe wind storms, with flooding way back in to the states. This will happen in fall of 2011 with huge amount of flooding, loss of lives, and loss of property/homes. The flooding, damage and winds in the east coast up and down will be like none we have seen since the 1800's. The government has been notified, written & documented predictions.
  • X Asia quake death toll tops 13,000 (12.27.2004)
    As dawn broke Monday across the Bay of Bengal, countries struck by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake the planet has seen in 40 years focused on relief and rescue efforts, and said the death toll from the giant waves -- already more than 13,000 -- is expected to rise further
  •  X Quake '4th largest since 1899' Sunday, December 26, 2004 Posted: 6:00 PM EST WASHINGTON -- The earthquake that shook southern Asia on Sunday was one of the most powerful since the start of the 20th century, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • The survey now says the quake centered off the west coast of northern Sumatra, has been upgraded to a 9.0 magnitude, making it the fourth largest earthquake since 1899.It was the largest quake in the world since 1964, Asia quake death toll tops 23,000
  • Tsunami victims struggle to cope: Weeping residents combed through debris and stunned tourists meandered through litter-strewn streets after tsunamis swept across the Indian Ocean from Thailand to Somalia, killing at least 23,000 people and injuring many more. Governments struggled to arrange food, water, medicine and shelter for shattered communities

  • X Rose's Prediction of a repeat in earth quakes in the Indonesia areas and around the world, came true and were reported on CNN & U.S. Government 
    Nias bore the brunt of 8.7-magnitude earthquake on March 28. The United Nations says 624 people have died. The death toll is expected to climb as remote areas of the affected islands are reached.

  • X Michael Jackson: Will be seen as being guilty of being too generous with individuals whom he tries to help, because of his love of children, who is a kid himself and made bad choices that left him open for others to take advantage of as well as  to try to destroy him in their vindictive manner, by retaliating. Michael will be totally stressed out, will collapse and be under doctors care. Many nighttime programs will be making jokes about this case. Many celebrities will be interviewed for the jury and to testify. Michael Jackson trial; A California jury will find pop superstar Michael Jackson not guilty  of all charges in his child-molestation trial. Michael will die at an early age due to over dose in drugs.

  •  X As reported on CNN: stated by one of the prosecuting attorney's witnesses a mother, who stated that Michael gave her large amounts of money and credit, to spend time with her son, but never saw any inappropriate sexual touching or abuse.

A Portion of Rose's Mail Prediction to James Van Praagh 1999 that was 100% Accurate.  All Documented & Dated With Response

"Mr. Praagh you will be doing a TV show that will be helping others to understand your gifts and abilities  within the next 5-6 years. The first will be a success, but the second will be a hit. Showing the public what it looks like through your eyes. As a psychic I have been through many things similar, but yet different from you. I thank you for this opportunity...... Visions are showing me this is the direction you must go and path you must choice that will be the most successful for you......." Rose Ann Schwab

As you can see my prediction came true for Mr. Praagh.

Validated documented Dated email and predictions of success. Sept. 13, 1999, Dear Rose Ann, I am James Van Praagh' s assistant out in California. Thank you for your loving letter to James. He has asked me to look up your web site and decide if it is appropriate to list you as a reference for James' own site. As long as it is okay with you, I think you would be a perfect reference and link for our site. It is impossible for James to respond personally to everyone of the request he receives and so it remains beneficial to refer his fans to other gifted and loving individuals such as yourself. Please let us know if you will consider being listed as a reference once our new site is up and running ... right now the old site remains at Thank you. In Light, Dayla. Phone call from James Van Praagh 3/20/ 06, denying this information, ignorance of me or the information and stating he never asked for the information or used it.

High Reference back in 1999: Dated email, Sept. 13, 1999, Dear Rose Ann, I am James Van Praagh' s assistant out in California. Thank you for your loving letter to James. He has asked me to look up your web site and decide if it is appropriate to list you as a reference for James' own site. As long as it is okay with you, I think you would be a perfect reference and link for our site. It is impossible for James to respond personally to everyone of the request he receives and so it remains beneficial to refer his fans to other gifted and loving individuals such as yourself. Please let us know if you will consider being listed as a reference once our new site is up and running ... right now the old site remains at Thank you. In Light, Dayla


 X Oct. 31, 04:Prediction of Assignation to President George Bush 2004-2008 after election. There will be plans in the works to assassinate President George Bush. Over the course of his term their will be several attempts. Continuous enforcement in protection of the president will be necessary.

(CNN) -- U.S. President George W. Bush was targeted for assassination by Marxist rebels this week when he visited the city of Cartagena, a Colombian official said Saturday. "We found out through informers and various sources that groups within the [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] had been instructed from its leadership to make an assassination attempt on President Bush," Colombian Defense Secretary Jorge Alberto Uribe told Caracol TV, a Bogota-based satellite network. Nov. 27,04 headline CNN:

X There will be an amendment sent to pass a bill to allow foreign born individuals who are well established to run for President. (CNN)

X (President George Bush won 11/3/04 (CNN) Political Election for 2004 made 2003. Race will be between George Bush & John Kerry. The political run for office in the 2004 election will be a very close run. As it gets closer in the Sept-Oct of 04 the margin will be very slim  at times seem like a tie. There will be no large margins. Shift in amount of power. More individuals will get out in vote making a difference

As of March 2003, Bush in visions appears to be the winner in the presidential race in 2004.


  • X Terrorist Activities: There will be more terrorist suicide bombings then ever before world wide and involving all nations especially those who stand with United States or oppose terrorism. More abductions and For kidnapped victims, beatings, shackles, and then beheadings will become the norm.
  • X Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process. Plans will be found, and individuals regarding various attack plans throughout the years after the 9/11 attacks. One will include hand held missiles, bombs, nuclear, gas, chemical, anthrax, cruise ship biological warfare as a testing ground placed in food, etc. which illness of passengers/crew (becomes abundant and hurting the cruse industry this one will occur from 2002-2004) .... All  if not most of these efforts by the terrorists, will be stopped before actually occurring through actual reorganization efforts and actual acceptance of unusual, but credible sources and means of information. The idea again is to keep America and the world in utter chaos including fear through psychological warfare of the unknown.
  • X 11/03 Iran will have a tremendous earthquake and masses of individuals will die
  • X The 9/11 attacks were known in advance, but  covered up in order to go to war. A few lives was not important as the large mass of bringing the country together. Also American governments, FBI, CIA etc., were unwilling to believe that such a thing could happen, believing we were invincible. And refusing to take credible and reliable information given to them in advance seriously unwilling to work with anyone outside of their little group, or for that matter with individuals in their group that brought the information to their attention. The ball was dropped and fumbled deliberately and politically to rally and bring the people together after the complete split of the country from the 2000 elections, not realizing that the truth would come out of the cover-ups and investigations into the matters. The idea was to take the American people's mind off of the bitter election, anger, and hate. ___________________________________



United States Earth Predictions for 2003

  • CAL. Received 11/03 vision.  X Something is going to be happening in the Costa Mesa Area. High level of stressfulness, anxiety and fear from masses of people including one woman. Mud Slides in and around San Bernardino, other areas possible earth quake or tremendous weather changes that causes,  loss of lives.
  • ___________________________________


  • VISIONS and Predictions for 2000 AND BEYOND:

  • Elections: The electoral college has become outdated in today's elections. It was once needed, but is now becoming widely debated about being eliminated. In the future elections it will be eliminated.  The use of the popular vote by the American people without influence will become a more demanded and accepted form of elections for the future. All voting will be updated, many will be doing computer voting, ballads that are still outdated with punch type format will suddenly become an important factor of making sure all Americans that have a vote are well informed of how the ballot actually works. Free classes will beginning to educate the American voters, and senior citizens locally, town by town, city by city, community by community, church by church, schools/colleges by schools/colleges and state by state. The actual printing of the ballot in the paper as an example will no longer be taken for granted that each individual understands the workings of the voting and elections.  No one including the officials running for office will take the vote for granted. They in turn also will make sure every individual who can vote knows how with exact forms that are being used as practice exercises, to prevent confusion and intimidation for the American voters of every race and Senior citizens. The American vote will never be taken for granted and will become the most important right to vote and program to fully educate and elevate confusion and intimidation that was ever implemented in the past.


Missing Children/Individuals Predictions for 2001-2004

  • X Dru Sjodin: Dru's body will be found in a ditch/ ravine by lake and wooded area, in Spring of 2004.
    X Elizabeth Smart will be found alive. They will find the individual who took her worked for the family for a very short time and she had been around the area camping, as well as other states. She will be in disguise.
    X Donald Blum murders: there have been various individuals, but remains will be found on the property of one of the victims, after a deep search has been made in areas normally not searched. Some on land, some in water area.
    x The intern Chandra Levy, was kidnapped  and her body will be found in a remote area, or heavy tree area that is remote. It will be in a park, not too far from some sort of water or stream. The location will be in D.C.
    An Attempt will be made to kidnap David Letterman's child & Nanny 2004-2005

    Predictions for UNSOLVED MYSTERIES
  •  9/02 Snipers in Washington, & Surrounding areas: Visions of their involvement with the Al Quida, either as sympathizers, or actual connection. Extensive visions concerning the snipers, with one vision show the extent of their work sending shock waves across the country. 
    625.) X The intern Chandra Levy, was kidnapped  and her body will be found in a remote area, or heavy tree area that is remote. It will be in a park, not too far from some sort of water or stream. The location will be in D.C.
    626.) X  At the time of Chandra Levy's disappearance everyone thought she was dead. She was not. She was taken to a place to be held, then transported to boat, then taken to a home. She was still alive at the time I received these visions. Information of various ideas of the actual disappearance of Chandra Levy will come out but will not be true.
  • ___________________________________

  • Predictions for RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD:

  • Visions show that 1.) X The Israel's and Palestinian beliefs will turn on each other. Neither will be willing to compromise and work for the peace of its people. Terrorism attacks from both sides will be targeting the innocent. 2.) X The Catholic Church's hidden secrets of sexual abuse will come out, causing huge financial loss, loss of followers, and the bringing to their knees the Catholic church stand on their hidden secrets that destroyed many lives and the trust by the innocent individuals who became the victims in this situation.  Many followers will boycott or leave the Catholic faith disillusioned by the acts of the church and the conspiracy to cover-up years of sexual abuse and molestation.  This situation will have a direct barring on all faiths, and their followers as well as the very continuing existence of the Catholic Church. 3.) X Priests will become the victims of killings from the victims of molestations and sexual abuse  This will be the down fall of the Catholic Church as we see it today.
  • ___________________________________

  • Predictions for CORPORATIONS & BANKS

  • Vision shows various corporations will be brought out into the public view showing corruption, misuse of funds, cover-ups, money laundering, fraud, just to name a few that will have a great impact on the economy and individual trust in them. X Enron is a time bomb ticking. Information will come out linking misuse of funds with top officials and accounting firm as well as other hidden information and agendas.



Predictions for ATTACKS ON AMERICA

3.) X Sept 11, attacks. Many souls who died in the Sept. 11, attacks,  those trying to save others souls who died are confused and trying to find release. Contacting love ones is a must.
X Anthrax sent through the mail as well as top Government Leaders, House, Senate, White House. Various individuals will be singled out as a means to get the point across on terrorism, and instill fear into American lives to cause chaos as well. Information Given to FBI & Top Officials
30.) X Continuous threats of attacks on America used as a means to keep America in fear, chaos and economic depression by terrorists and extremist groups. Information Given to FBI & Top Officials
X Greenspan will continue to lower interests rates to off set economic depression.
X Economic areas will rise and lower like a roller coaster after the Sept. 11 2001 attacks.

1.) X A tragic loss of lives.  A plane crash involving Senator Wellstone and his party will happen. Visions show the plane having a heaviness about it. No black box will be found, not part of it. We feel through visions that Senator Wellstone's plane crash will be investigated but that the actual cause will not be found. It will not be discovered that there was more to the plane crash. ( 3 days prior to the actual events. Information was given to his office. All documented).


Rose's Predictions for the 2000 Election that so far have come true with accuracy of 100%:

X Rose had predicted various situations that had occurred in the election. 1.) Problems with voting in Florida. 2.) Gore actually won Florida 3.) Problems with voting cost Gore the election. 4.) George Bush stopping the ballot voting counts. 5.) Constant attacks on the recounting. 6.) Well organized Republican organization and use of power to prevent Gore from being President 7.) The state secretaries role in the election of George Bush to president 8.) The allowing of the republican party to fix ballots and errors, and to count other ones as theirs. 8.) The problems that would end up in court. 9.) The election problems being resolved in a political manner by the supreme court. 10.) Unrest of the American people and their anger. 11.) Regrets regarding the President  12.) More individuals will now become citizens or register to vote then ever before. 13.) Unless voting ballets and the way they are done are updated, throughout the country, more problems will arise and unrest with it. 14.) The black collation will fight for everything they lost in this election and will regain their losses. 15.) Voting will be taken more seriously then ever before as well as those that assist in the voting process. 16.) All outdated machines, cards, punch hole, etc. voting ballads will be redone, and reissued to represent the best for the use by the American voters that will not be confusing, that will be understanding and that will line up correctly. 17.) All party candidate for offices will be more organized then ever before. They will not be waiting till the last minute to do fund raisers, or get their teams together to help and aide them in their run for office. 18.) Because of the problems with this last election more individual voters will make sure they are registered, and will vote then ever before. 19.) There will be problems in the legislature will the balance of power will switch suddenly to the opposing party. 20.) The scandals on the pardons by President Clinton. 21.) Mrs. Clinton becoming senator. 22.) Change in the past President's global and environmental stance with less restrictions, higher prices and much more.

  • Elections 2000
    x Vice President Al Gore will lose the actual Presidency, even though he won the majority of the American votes, and electoral college votes. Deliberate means of some individuals in the republican party knowing past problems in some states with voting by the American people will have problems have been going on for years. Mix ups, confusions of ballot voting and many votes that went uncounted were used to the Republican parties advantage.

  • X Rose was instrumental in assisting with her gifts during the Freeman standoff, and in the Columbine School Shootings, Chandra Levy to name a few. (All documented with Letters of Thanks for assistance.)
    Nation wide mandatory voting changes will take place bringing uniformity.

  • X Campaign Reform will become a hot topic.

  • X Attempted assignation of Senator Edward Kennedy.

  • X Problems occurring in middle east will affect high oil and gas prices, possibly causing problems in the stock market.

  • Trade with other countries and China will be opened.

  • X Cloning has begun its first stages, there will be many more stages to come including cloning of cells, muscles, organs, brain tissues, eyes and so on.

  • X Predictions on health care concerns and coverage dated back to 1995 will come full circle.

  • X Current World War/Aggression: Was predicted by Rose this last year. Aggressions brought on by other countries and the outcomes. This current prediction to date is 100% accurate. Rose predicted this would happen, approximate time, forces that would join, or oppose and the reasons behind the aggressions.

  • X The President and the Democratic Party are on the right track regarding Medicare and prescription costs for the elderly and the need for Medicare financing and changes.

  • X The First Lady is headed in the right direction in her run for Senate if she so chooses to run and will win.

  • X Bush will declare his presidential campaign, as will Dole but Bush will run ahead of Dole in the polls and in the election.

  • X Vice President Gore will receive the nomination and run for the Presidential Office in the Democratic Campaign.

  • Individuals, families, communities, churches, and faiths will change. All will come together in a strong unity of working together for the betterment of all man kind instead of the one.

  • X Spirituality will be accepted throughout the world not as a religion, faith or because you go to church, but because it is an accepted way of life and commitment. Spirituality will no longer be looked at as a faith, religion or belonging to a church, but a unity of individual faiths, beliefs and non beliefs in a specific life style of Universal Consciousness.

  • X Predictions of severe storms, droughts, high temps that will lead to earth cracking with lack of water, floods, mud slides, excessive rains in the east, earth quakes, El neno, La Neno, just to name a few. Documented letters.

  • X Freeman Stand Off & the Outcome of Peaceful Settlement (documented letters and news clippings)

  • X UPS Strike, Its Out come, & What Issues were the Negotiating Points
    & After UPS Strike, the Stock Market Major Drop documented letters, message postings on boards for UPS strike through AOL, and news paper clippings)

  • X Iraq Not Allowing Admittance to Sites for Inspection, & the Building of Missiles (documented letters, and CNN news)
    Iraq Inspections will suddenly open up with the Iraq government invitation to a political person, to come. At this point the idea is to make the President look bad, when in fact these things have all been moved with help and are now hidden in a totally different area.

  • X Signing of Peace between US & Russia with the Present Russian President (documented papers signed between Clinton and Russian President)

  • X White House Leaks of Information & It Being a Staff Member (documented Staff Member and Prostitute)

  • X President Clinton's re-election (documented letters, news clippings)

  • X Bombings, including increase in pipe bombings (documented letters, news clippings)

  • X Peace treaty signings, and many nations trying to keep peace agreements or help in them. (documented letters, news clippings)

  • X Many of the tremendous storms, including snow storm of MN in 1996-97 (2000-05 still to come true of worse we have ever seen) and the tremendous flooding in major states including MN & Dakota. (documented letters, news clippings)

  • X Accident/Injury of Senator Wellstone (documented letters, news clippings, of back problems/injury)

  • X Prediction: Ms. Lewinsky will gain some type of media recognition, through modeling, possibly a book, but the chances of this is slim because of the public's unwillingness to hear more on the scandals at the White house and her version of it. The main gain would be a dramatic role in a TV movie or soap opera or even a movie, to show off her great acting skills, and intelligence that she can play a role well. This is what I see as happening and not long after the scandals at the White house are brought to a dramatic end with her telling all including talk shows or Barbara Walters special for example.

  • X White House Scandals during the 1996 terms, Republican impeachment trials

  • X President Clinton bringing forth peace in many countries. The countries in return uniting to work with U.S. in the future against attacks, terrorism....

  •  X Vice President Gore's run for President. The problems in the election, voting problems, Florida' s voting as the number 1 problem and concerning outcome.

  • X First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton run for Senate and win.

Attacks on America & Other Countries, War, Assignations & Terrorist Activities including that that have come true With 98% accuracy. In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attack on America and her reporting. Her predictions especially center on the attack  and use of air planes against the White House/Pentagon and at the Twin Towers in New York & in the spread of Anthrax has been well documented and reported up to the 3 years prior to the actual events and their occurrence. Rose's predictions even include Osama Bin Lauden, and various other terrorists where she used her gifts behind the scenes as she has all her life, establishing her accuracy and credibility in our Countries National Security working with various government officials including President Clinton, Vice President Gore, President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. All are in official documented proof with written recognitions)

Past Predictions Attacks on America & Other Countries ,War, Assignations Attacks:

X Vision shows a man coming out of hiding carrying no obvious weapons. He had been in spiritual meditation to do a suicide run. He will be tall, come out in the opening at an airport. He will not be seen as carrying any weapons and not a threat at the time, but will be a threat to everyone on the plane. Further details are kept confidential that were given to those in higher office.( Reported on the News: He was captured on Dec. 23 boarded a plane from another country to fly to Florida with a bomb in his shoe.)
X Attacks on a U.S. Navy Ship docked in middle east area that they were not prepared for or saw coming (The U.S. Cole)
X Attacks on New York by terrorists in planes in main strategic locations or symbols of American freedom & attempt assignation of the President. (Towers In New York, pentagon, air force one.)
3.) X Many souls who died in the Sept. 11, attacks,  those trying to save others souls who died are confused and trying to find release. Contacting love ones is a must.
X Bio-terrorism by anthrax and possible small pox  attacking the 3 areas of the government, pentagon,  postal areas, & individuals (Anthrax attacks throughout the country and government
X Bin Lauden group infiltrated in U.S. and other countries, as sleepers.
6.)X Years of planning attacks
X Money Laundering for terrorist activities in US and many other countries.
X Other extremists and terror groups become involved.
Many false reported information to  & through FBI & such. Many such individuals will also come forth and claim false psychic connections or information regarding terrorist activities.
X Many individuals who use this situation to their advantage pretending to be terrorists, when they are just copy-cat or want media attention.
X Security at the airports and borders are a special problem with many terrorist and their named groups trying to come through. Stronger security measures will become a major debate in protecting of our country and each American Citizen.
X American soldiers will be deployed but only after air attacks. Limited casualties on our side in the attacks.
X Other countries will back U.S. in their fight of the Middle East War, because of the far reaching cry of terrorism.
X Bin Lauden' s group will be found well supplied in caves and tunnels with food and ammunition in various locations.
X U.S. will find some of these and blow them up.
X Bin Lauden will loose the support of his own people and many of his own Moslem countries because what he is doing is not the Moslem way and against all that this religion stands for.
X Uprising and demonstrations in various middle eastern countries that have been feed his propaganda and believe his visions, not knowing the truth.
X Visions clearly show Bin Lauden dug himself into a hole spiritually 2 times, then tried to turn in the hole to the left to get money and himself out of his situation digging 3 times. Visions show that Bin Lauden dug his own grave.
X If the President, Government, Higher Offices, & FBI heed warnings and take the time to listen to them, and taking every precaution regardless of where it came from or who as long as it is credible they will end the strong hold that the reign of terror has caused. They will find that hind sight is the best stance to take today to protect our world.

U.S. policies will change and they will go back to U.S. being involved in the world and in keeping peace for all that the Clinton administration had set up and implemented. A world working together.
X Bush administration will realize that the Clinton/Gore administration's implementations and establishing world unity is what gave him the backing from other countries in fighting terrorism. That without this, and the democratic push for this, U.S. would have been on their own and destroyed.
X The tunnels will be discovered showing the great magnitude of the facilities, caves, and usage.
X Bin Lauden is behind the attacks on America and other countries with the help of specific individuals, information given to FBI & others. A tape at a later date will come forth showing him talking about the attacks with   knowledge, and active participation in set up.
25.) Bin Lauden will commit suicide or have his associates kill him rather then be captured. Bin Lauden is still in Afghanistan and will remain so until his death.

1.) X Bin Lauden & associates are using caves and tunnels to go back and forth, preventing their capture. Military action will be taken to blow up and destroy each cave and tunnel to prevent continuous movement by the group. This military action and destroying of each of these tunnels will in turn lead to the capture of Bin Lauden, and his associates. They will be trapped into 1 small tunnel/cave that will bring about their capture or ultimate death.
X Bin Lauden & associates will be found in a hidden cave or cavern that is hidden by a wall, or some type of closure to prevent their find. This cave is actually a hidden room, and hidden from the naked eye. Mechanisms and such are used to prevent detection, once he finds that he is not found he will live out in the open right in front of us in Pakistan.
X Captured American Taliban fighter will have his own agenda, and has information of the exact location of Bin Lauden & associates in the hidden cave, he has been there. Captured American wishes to be Super Hero in the eyes of the people as Bin Lauden.  
X American Taliban sees Bin Lauden not only as a super hero, but a father figure and wanted to be just like him.  
X Many reports and misinformation will be given out about Bin Lauden. Such as he has escaped, changed his appearance etc.  The percentage of him changing his appearance by shaving his beard is only 5% due to religious belief. More then likely to throw those on his trail off with dis-information of appearance and where-abouts.
30.) If Bin Lauden does come out into the open, 5% chance that he will shave his beard and suddenly appear in the open at one of the airports where he will not be suspected and no one will be watching for. He may even to try to contact the captured individuals of the Taliban on the area they are being held in disguise. This man can use any disguise to shaving his beard to even women's garb to disguise his appearance and move around freely. More then likely misinformation to keep everyone hopping.

31.) X The Taliban other extremist groups will break through the borders using whatever means possible. All forms of transpiration such as car, train, bus or boat will be used. Continued terrorists or extremists  harassment and attack will continue to take place because the U.S. The world has changed and U.S. must recognize and accept the facts it will never be the same again or U.S. will be infallible to those who want to destroy us. 

X Stimulus package will meet resistance and be prevented from passing in the 2001 due to political agendas. Stimulus will not be passed in time to prevent problems that could have been alleviated or been dealt with in a minor manner.

33.)War: X During the 2000 elections Rose saw a war that was coming to pass involving the United Sates during the Bush Administration and would be fought with high technology and weapons of mass destruction (IRAQ WAR)

34.) Assignations X An assignation attempts will be part of the realm during the years of 2000-20012. This includes U.S. Presidential assignation and attempts of assignations of senators/representatives as well as individual foreign leaders.


Special Note: Please remember that not all information will come forth released by the police, FBI or government as true in my predictions. This is not a means to discredit me after years of assisting many offices including the President of the United States over several offices. terms and for both political offices, but only a means of divulging only information they feel is relevant to the public or for public knowledge in forms of cover-ups or such. Do know my predictions are true and accurate In many cases information will be covered up and miss information or not all the information is given out. As the public you are well aware of government cover-ups. Please remember that not all individuals or persons are true believers in the gifts of prophecy that I have been given, but for those that are skeptics, there are millions others out there that have witnessed the truth of my words in actual events. As in all situation you will run into individuals who are skeptics, non believers, those who wish to prove scientifically or in other means such events can not possibly happen by analyzing every detail under a microscope, or those who's faith is not open to such possibilities.

Predictions and information is not shared with other psychics nor do they have any claims to  this information.  No other individual shares the credit with us in any other way. When an event is predicted, such as the terrorist attacks on America and such, some will happen, others because individual action is taken or action in prevention/preparation and protection it will not.

These predictions were made before events happened, and shared with U.S., Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and various other countries sometimes, years, months, weeks, days before happening with actual and official dates on them. All officially documented including correspondence, which is kept strictly confidential due to top secret and confidential information that we can not discuss or disclose for anyone or to satisfy their skepticism. Further these predictions have been made years, months, weeks and days in advance which are all officially documented and dated, including official documented correspondence, phone, letters, mail and emails of events to specific officials, United States Presidents, Senators, Representatives National Home Land Security and Government Offices to name a few.

Predictions By Rose for the last several years. We have listed the predictions here without dates and times or huge details due to the confidentiality of the situation and forms of confidentiality we have signed. Also for our reputation, and protection of out work from other who wish to take credit for our work. All are documented in journals, official letter documentations to the FBI and so on. or email form, or documented phone calls.


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